DEADSPIN: Lost Tape Of Bret Hart’s Finest Artistic Achievement In WWE Has Finally Been Found


tom-mageeThere is just so much pro wrestling, spread over so many promotions and so many years. There is so much, in fact, that a great deal of it—not just forgettable Reagan-era bouts but legitimately legendary matches featuring iconic performers giving dazzling performances—is presumed lost. These matches might well be out there to find, and the possibilities of what might be waiting to be discovered on video are basically endless, but there’s a reason that wrestling fans call these lost treasures “holy grails.”

And yet, unlike the grail itself, many of these matches are out there, somewhere—WWE has proven as much in recent years by releasing matches long thought not to have been taped through the WWE Network’s “Hidden Gems” section. One such grail was known to have existed, but had long been believed lost by WWE. This was a 1986 bout in which Bret Hart drew an apparent miracle of a match out of Tom Magee (pictured above), a strongman/bodybuilder/gymnast/karate black belt with leading man looks who was getting a tryout with the promotion.

The legend behind this match was that Vince McMahon immediately proclaimed Magee his next champion after watching on the locker room monitor. Said legendary part of it is tied to just how little of a legend Magee turned out to be. The “Man of Iron” was otherwise a dud as a wrestler, which understandably made people want to see how the hell Bret got anything great out of him. Until Tuesday night, it was presumed that we’d never know for sure… Read the Full Story HERE



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