DEADSPIN: Regardless Of Who You Cheer Or Boo, WWE Usually Isn’t Listening


One of the most striking things about last Saturday’s All In pay-per-view, the independent wrestling event that sold out over 11,000 seats in suburban Chicago, was where the show differed from WWE.

AllIn-BillboardWhen it came to the in-ring wrestling style and the creative influence of Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks, the wrestlers who financed the show, these differences were obvious. But, in a broader sense, the fact that the show was built to deliver exactly what the fans in attendance wanted might have been the biggest contrast with pro wrestling’s behemoth. Cody won his dad’s old belt in the emotional high point of the show, Kenny Omega and Penta El 0M had a dream match that exceeded expectations, the main event with the Bucks and Rey Mysterio was an incredible athletic exhibition, and Joey Ryan returned from the dead flanked by penis druids after being revived by his own tumescence. I probably don’t need to tell you “don’t ask” on the last one.

But, penis druids aside, how does all that differ from WWE? It’s wilder and looser, but most notably WWE’s attempts at storytelling just don’t scratch that very obvious fan itch as much as they used to. All In went all out to give fans what they want. WWE, lately, has done exactly the opposite … Read the Full Story HERE


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