DEADSPIN: Ronda Rousey Basically Called Becky Lynch A Beta, Snowflake Cuck On Raw This Week


Lynch vs. Rousey has been rumored as potentially being the headlining match at WrestleMania 35 next year

Aside from its concessions to Saudi Arabia as part of a larger business deal with the murderous gulf autocracy, WWE’s recent programming has been as apolitical as it has been in ages. It’s the sort of thing that’s more notable in its absence, but the promotion’s classic xenophobic and jingoistic storylines are gone. Donald Trump, who is in the WWE Hall of Fame and was once a semi-regular presence, has not been referenced in years, which Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer has reported is a move the promotion has made because it doesn’t want to alienate its heavily left-leaning, black, and Latin fanbase.

The fact that WWE’s former CEO, who is the wife of the current CEO, is a member of Trump’s cabinet is never mentioned, either. The only trace of the current political moment, in terms of storylines or rhetoric, has come from the former of developmental/NXT roster member Dan Matha, who routinely goes off on “soy boys” and the like on Twitter and when cutting promos. Even then, Matha is in developmental, is not doing the gimmick on TV, and is at least a heel, which means he’s wrong according to wrestling logic. This is an overstated and overheated moment, but WWE has mostly seen fit to steer clear of its particular manias while doing its usual overstated, overheated thing.

That seemingly changed Monday night on Raw ... Read the Full Story HERE

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