DEADSPIN: WWE Called Up NXT’s Top Stars With No Buildup Or Apparent Plan


For about as long as WWE has had a developmental system, that system has blatantly misused, if not outright squandered, tremendous wrestling talents.

Steve Bradley was long considered the model wrestler in the farm system during its early days, the wrestler who everyone around him should aspire to be. Bradley was also credited with training Kurt Angle, who quickly became one of the best performers of the business, but all that talent and all that work somehow wasn’t enough to keep him from being passed by. Other standouts, like former American Gladiators champion Rico Costantino and the Basham Brothers, were saddled with dead-end gimmicks that helped kill both their marketability and interest in the wrestling business. Instead of developing talent, WWE’s system somehow seemed to do the opposite.

And it just kept happening, with only the most protected top prospects emerging unscathed. In 2013, after over a decade of paying smaller promotions and wrestling schools a consulting fee to manage the system, WWE moved the system in-house with the launch of their Performance Center in the Orlando area. The lack of cohesiveness should have ended there, but it didn’t.

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