DEADSPIN: Pro Wrestling Is Great, And You Should Try Watching Less


thumbnail-c8625ac78345a199e0961f4379e3dced-690x446The problem with entertainment options these days—TV shows, sports, books, blogs—is that there are too many of them. This especially applies to professional wrestling.

Hardcore fandom of just about any kind becomes toxic, and one need only look at the controversies around gender and race in Star Wars, casting in Marvel movies, or literally any criticism of video games and gaming culture. This has probably always been the case, but there’s a reason the term “echo chamber” is used so often to refer to social media. This part isn’t news to you, I bet.

The real problem, I think, is that if you read Star Wars rumors every single day and your whole thing in life is that you’re A Star Wars Guy, then anything related to Star Wars which forces you to confront something about yourself and your relationship to a fictional universe you love is naturally upsetting. I do believe that art, once sent out into the world, isn’t for the artist anymore but the audience. But the audience now tends to take ownership of these things in ways that … Read the Full Story HERE

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