FORBES: Does WWE Have Too Much Talent Under Contract?


WWE-NXT-RicochetToo much of anything is never a good thing, and WWE is learning that the hard way.

WWE has more talent—and more elite talent—under contract than at any point in history, and at least on paper, that sounds like a great problem to have. But it isn’t, and the problems with having more superstars than the company could even begin to fathom what to do with are slowly creeping up.

Perhaps the biggest issue WWE is facing due to its talent overload–with more than 100 main roster stars, not including part-timers or NXT performers–is the financial impact of signing as many stars as possible at a value that’s far too high. It’s like buying a house when the market is bad: You pay $300,000 for a house, and two years later, that same house is worth only $250,000. Was that worth the investment? Of course not. Yet, WWE has recently made a habit out of extending lucrative contract offers to both main eventers and seldom seen lower card workers. WWE recently broke the bank to re-sign Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, paying both stars more than $500,000 per year (and possibly significantly more than that) over the next five years, and also re-signing Mike and Maria Kanellis to massive contracts that no one saw coming. The logic behind those lucrative deals? According to the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer (h/t The Sportster), it is simply to prevent them from going… Read More HERE

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