ESPN: David Arquette enjoys unlikely return to the world of pro wrestling


david-arquette--696x392The first time David Arquette learned how to wrestle, he was paid well to do it. The fourth-generation actor from the famous acting family was sent to learn basic wrestling skills while filming “Ready to Rumble,” a 2000 movie centered on two crazed wrestling fans who go on a road trip to help their favorite wrestler return to glory.

The then-29-year-old Arquette was fresh off his starring role in “Scream 3,” a movie trilogy (at the time) that had grossed more than $290 million. As he prepared to shoot “Ready to Rumble,” Arquette learned a “CliffsNotes version of training” from film stunt coordinator and WCW wrestler Chris Kanyon, as well as WCW star Diamond Dallas Page. Still, any serious bumps Arquette’s character took in the film were performed by WCW’s Shane “Hurricane” Helms, who filled in as Arquette’s stunt double.

Arquette famously (or perhaps infamously) was weaved into WCW’s storylines as part of the promotion for “Ready to Rumble,” and even found himself crowned as world champion. That brief stint with WCW … Read the Full Story HERE

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