ESPN: Edge finds new creative outlets


By Tim Fiorvanti – WWE on Editor

Most of the people who end up in the world of professional wrestling got into the business because they loved it from the first time they saw it. They spend years training and working as hard as they can to get their big break, and for a fortunate few, the dream of realizing a WWE career becomes a reality.

But what happens when the lights turn off? Depending on how that career ends, some continue to ply their craft outside of the WWE, or transition into training or a producing role behind the scenes. For Adam “Edge” Copeland, however, those options really weren’t on the table with the way his in-ring career abruptly ended in 2011. After successfully defending the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVII in what would ultimately be his final match, Edge stepped into the ring on Raw the next night and announced that the effects of a previously broken neck would prevent him from being cleared to wrestle ever again….

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