ESPN: How NXT became the top brand in WWE


On the most recent broadcast of NXT, Tommaso Ciampa defeated Aleister Black to become the 14th NXT champion.

That victory happened because Johnny Gargano, blinded by jealousy and rage, went out of his way to do anything and everything to try to prevent Ciampa, his former tag-team partner and longtime rival, from winning that title. That plan backfired, as a struggle over the title belt led Gargano to strike Black in the face with it and ultimately made Gargano the key factor in his mortal enemy becoming champion.

It was the latest example of NXT cashing in on a big moment, the fans buying in completely and a result that keeps everyone tuning in to see what happens next week. The combination of simple, layered storytelling with incredible in-ring performances has led to a trust that the audience will come along for the ride without hijacking the story for its own purposes … Read the Full Story HERE



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