ESPN: How WWE Recruited Duke Wrestler Jacob Kasper

By KC Joyner – MAY 30, 2018

Famed wrestling promoter Sam Muchnick was of the opinion that finding pro wrestling talent was such a difficult task that if a promotion could develop one star performer per year, it was doing a great job.

The search for stars has historically led companies and promoters to cast a wide net when recruiting new talent. Randy Savage was a minor league baseball player before hitting the ring. Buddy Rogers was a former cop. Many wrestlers have come from the worlds of pro and college football, including The Rock, Dusty Rhodes, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, Ernie Ladd and Bronko Nagurski. The late, great Bruno Sammartino was one of many world-class weightlifters to make the transition to the world of professional wrestling.

Each of those avenues has produced its own fair share of talent, but the ranks of amateur wrestling have long been the most fruitful source of pro wrestling talent … Read the Full Story HERE

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