ESPN: It’s Time for Brock Lesnar to lose the Universal Title


12-awesome-facts-about-wwe-superstar-brock-lesnar-1486710597-800As of Friday afternoon, Brock Lesnar has held the WWE Universal championship for 425 days. Over the next two weeks, he’ll eclipse CM Punk’s 434-day WWE title reign and become the longest-reigning world champion in WWE since Hulk Hogan’s first stretch as WWE champion — a historic 1,474 day run that began in 1984.

While Punk defended his title 22 times in televised matches, and more than 150 times overall including dark matches and live events, Lesnar has defended the Universal championship a grand total of 13 times since besting Goldberg at WrestleMania 33 — six of which happened on TV or pay-per-view. There have been several lengthy stretches where Lesnar and Paul Heyman have disappeared entirely from television, removing the top title on Monday Night Raw from circulation.

As much as Lesnar’s name value and the rarity of title shots helped give the Universal championship some gravitas and meaning in the first few months of his title reign, it’s well past time … Read the Full Story HERE


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