ESPN: Kevin Owens ‘Quitting’ Offers the Opportunity of a Lifetime

By Tim Firovanti – AUG 31, 2018

WWE SummerSlam 2015After spending the better part of the last four months as the glorified punching bag for Braun StrowmanKevin Owens showed in one promo and one match everything he’s capable of as a WWE superstar. He channeled his frustrations about spinning his wheels, about not having Sami Zayn by his side and failing time and again since rejoining Monday Night Raw to do anything of substance.

Then Owens stepped into the ring and had one of the best matches of his WWE career against Seth Rollins, with the Intercontinental championship on the line. Rollins and Owens, the characters, were in a battle of wills to see who would leave Toronto as IC champion. Rollins and Owens, the men, were in a battle to see which one could make their opponents’ moves look most devastating. Rollins was the winner in the former, but Owens did the unlikely by outdoing Rollins, one of the best sellers in wrestling today, if only by a hair … Read the Full Story HERE


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