ESPN: Shane Strickland takes Independent Wrestling by storm

By Michael Wonsover – JUNE 21, 2018

Shane Strickland knew as he was looking through the scope of a sniper rifle in a desert on the outskirts of Los Angeles that his pro wrestling career would never be the same.

The lanky high flyer, who’d been wrestling for six or seven years to that point, was used to making long drives every weekend to wrestle for various small-time promotions in the Northeast United States. He was putting in full-time work for part-time pay. He knew it wasn’t a sustainable living, even if his passion for wrestling never wavered. Strickland needed his big break.

Now, on the opposite side of the country, Strickland was learning how to wield high-grade weaponry on a makeshift military site. Though that isn’t a traditional means to accelerate a wrestling career, it turned out to be exactly what Strickland needed to jumpstart his dreams … Read the Full Story HERE

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