ESPN: Shelton Benjamin and the art of improvisation in pro wrestling

By Farbod Esnaashari – AUG 27, 2018

In the world of professional wrestling, one of the most complex and valuable skills a performer can learn is the art of “calling it in the ring.” For the uninitiated, calling it in the ring refers to a style of improvising moves and moments based on crowd reaction and the flow of a match, rather than choreographing each spot beforehand.

It’s an art form much more commonly used in the past, when the stories of what was happening in the ring were the central focus, instead of a string of intensely acrobatic moves, one after another. But the style of modern pro wrestling and the way many wrestlers are trained these days — particularly in the WWE — has made it easier to lay out most or all of a match backstage.

One of the last remaining WWE superstars with a reputation for his improvisational abilities in the ring is Shelton Benjamin, who’s currently in his second run with the company as part of the SmackDown brand … Read the Full Story HERE


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