FANSIDED: Scarlett Bordeaux’s Stock Continues To Rise


Dl3KxXqVsAAKy_lImpact Wrestling fans eagerly awaited Scarlett Bordeaux’s decision on Friday night, as she was set to select the winner of her “Talent Search”. And nobody should have been surprised when she ultimately chose to focus on herself.

Though the likes of KM, Petey Williams, and Fallah Bahh may have thought they had a chance at securing the managerial services of Scarlett Bordeaux, the fact of the matter is that even Impact Wrestling’s best and brightest (or in this case, goofiest) talent simply weren’t legitimate candidates.

When Bordeaux announced on Impact TV last night that she was the winner of her own “Talent Search”, she made a statement of self-confidence that jibes with everything we know about her character.

See, when Bordeaux claims that everyone else is a “five” in comparison to her status as a “ten”, she isn’t just talking about her looks (though that undoubtedly factors into the equation); she’s making a grander statement … Read the Full Story HERE


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