FANSIDED: What Are The WrestleMania Plans For The Shield?

by Tom Thomas – March 6, 2019

The Shield reunited once more on WWE Raw this week. The Hounds of Justice will take on Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley at Fastlane. But what does the future hold for the trio?

WWE Raw featured a new chapter in the Shield’s history books as the brothers joined hands once more, perhaps for one last moment. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins finally managed to convince Dean Ambrose to join their side once more, for the sake of good times. As Reigns pointed out, life is very short and the only thing that matters is the relationships you have. Be that as it may be, the return of the Hounds of Justice is intriguing as ever.

As soon as I saw teases of a Shield reunion from last week, I’ve been wondering how this would pan out. While creative did rush in a little bit with the latest reunion, the fans were red-hot for the storyline and each member played their role to perfection. Moreover, it was a nice tribute to Ambrose to have him take the center stage during the Shield Fist pose.

Now that we have reminisced about it for long enough, we can ask the real questions that matter. For starters, we do know that unless specified otherwise, Dean Ambrose will not be with the WWE once his contract runs out. But it could also be possible that he … Read the Full Story HERE
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