FANSIDED: Why Kofi Kingston Being Replaced At Fastlane Is A Blessing In Disguise

by Joe Anthony Myrick – Feb 27, 2019

On Tuesday, the entire foundation of the WWE Fastlane main event was shook to its core and drastically altered.

During Kofi Kingston’s contract signing with WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, Vince McMahon would announce that he was replacing Kofi with someone who he thought was more deserving of a title shot: the returning Kevin Owens. Unlike a similar situation with the Raw Women’s Title picture, we think this change will be permanent.

In fact, this is more than enough of a reason to rejoice.

Many of us have been championing for Kofi Kingston to receive his WWE Championship shot at WrestleMania next month. The #KofiMania hashtag has been running wild for weeks now. We’ve all had the same goal in mind for the decade long veteran and it looks like we may be getting our wish … Read the Full Story HERE

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