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For many southern wrestling fans? Missy Hyatt will always be known as ‘The First Lady of Pro Wrestling’.

With a combination of sass and sex appeal, the blonde bombshell burst on the scene in the 1980’s, and immediately had an aptitude for drawing the ire of the fans. Armed with her ‘loaded’ Gucci purse, Hyatt would often assist her men in victory by becoming physically involved, herself.

Her feuds with fellow managers Sunshine in World Class Wrestling (and later) Dark Journey in the UWF are considered legendary moments, in terms of the role of females in the wrestling industry.

She would continue on throughout the 80’s and 90’s, as not only one of the most successful managers of all time, but a backstage interviewer and color commentator.

These days? She is still staying active, and making regular appearances – after a career that was highlighted by stints in Texas, Mid-South, the NWA, WCW, the WWF, and ECW. caught up with Missy recently, and asked her these FIVE QUESTIONS, regarding her career, and her life…

Q: What made you decide you wanted to be in the wrestling business?
A: “My dad was flipping channels, and he stopped on Georgia Championship Wrestling. I saw Michael Hayes and the Freebirds. I fell in love with wrestling, and I knew right then I wanted to be in it.”

Q: At what point in your career did you realize ‘Hey! I made it, and I’m successful now’?
A: “In World Class. When I was at a K-Mart looking at plants, and they didn’t have the ones I wanted.

So, they sent me to another K-Mart and when I got there? There was a guy standing outside with about 12 plants for me to choose from.”

Q: What do you want to be remembered for MOST – both personally and professionally?
A: “That I love my dogs and I think that people should take care of them, because we domesticated them… and it’s our duty.

And? That I am the first lady of wrestling.”

Q: How do you relax during your ‘down time’ these days?
A: “I enjoy my hobby of living history.  I do World War II, and the Civil War.”

Q: And finally… What’s the best drink to go alongside a really good meal?
A: “Coke 0, or Moscow Mule.”


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