BLEACHER REPORT: WWE and AEW Stars Who Need to Turn Babyface in 2020


Mojo_Rawley_1920x1080An efficient roster needs a proper balance of heels and babyfaces to work with so feuds can explore the nature of good vs. evil with fresh matches.

To counterbalance our list of babyfaces who should turn heel in 2020, it’s time to talk about the opposite move.

Sometimes, wrestlers can see the light and become a fan favorite; in other cases, they turn face purely out of building up enough respect from the fans.

Here are some of the heels in All Elite Wrestling and WWE who should turn babyface in 2020:

Mojo Rawley has been a heel long enough that the experiment has obviously failed. The broken-mirror gimmick went nowhere and he’s spent the last year or so as a jobber on Main Event.

A potential partnership with Sami Zayn won’t turn him into a worthwhile villain, either. The two don’t have the same chemistry or character alignment to click.

Zayn is an indie darling with hipster vibes while Rawley is an energetic football goof at his heart. That is what WWE should just let him be… Read More HERE


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