FORBES: Are Kofi Kingston And The New Day Already WWE Hall Of Famers?


In a recent interview with Planeta Wrestling, Kofi Kingston talked about The New Day’s Hall-of-Fame legitimacy. Kingston made it known, he believes the trio has already done enough to be enshrined in the promotion’s Hall of Fame.

Kofi-Kingston“Well, I’m not trying to come across as a cocky comment or anything like that, but I think that we’re already – we’re kind of already in there. From our accolades alone, I feel like we’re the longest reigning champions in all of WWE, I think we’ve been able to do some historic things in the ring, very entertaining segments – we’ve been in there with The Rock, now we’ve been in there with Vince McMahon, we’ve had amazing matches with The Usos. So if it’s up to me and I’m voting, I’m already putting us in there, you know what I mean? I guess we’ll see though, we’ll take it one day at a time and kind of see what happens. If I was a betting man, I would put your money on the New Day being in the Hall of Fame someday.”

Quite honestly, it’s rather ridiculous to suggest Kofi and The New Day aren’t Hall of Famers. The trio has the record for longest reign as tag-team champions. That accomplishment in itself should get them in considering some of the past performers who have already… Read the Full Story HERE - High-Quality Audio and Video Gear!{subid}&url=


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