FORBES: Ronda Rousey’s WWE Future Is Far From Set In Stone


ROUSEY_RONDAWhen Ronda Rousey left WWE following WrestleMania 35, the widespread expectation was that she would return to the company shortly thereafter, but six months later, “The Baddest Woman on the Planet” is still nowhere to be found.

WWE made an interesting–although unsurprising move–when Brock Lesnar briefly jumped to SmackDown before the 2019 WWE Draft, and as it turns out, that decision may have been a direct result of uncertainty within WWE about Rousey’s future with the company. Here’s what the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer recently had to stay about Rousey’s WWE status:

“Fox will be very interesting, especially on a Friday night. You know, especially since Brock is gonna be on Fox. I don’t know if he’s gonna be permanent, but I sure took that [advertisement] as a sign. When you think about logic Fox probably wants Brock and Ronda and there’s no Ronda and now the second best, or the first best depending on your point of view for that sports person and everything like that [is Lesnar].” — Dave Meltzer

No Rousey seemed like it would equal more Lesnar, but Lesnar won’t be back until Royal Rumble time and it isn’t clear if Rousey will ever be back.

Although “The Beast” was always going to at least briefly move to SmackDown no matter what due to his history in UFC and UFC’s previous relationship with FOX, FOX officials have reportedly long wanted Rousey on the blue brand, with the belief being that… Read More HERE


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