FORBES: Slow Down on the Rumors That WWE is buying Impact Wrestling



TNA footage of current WWE stars like AJ Styles may be part of recent talks between Impact Wrestling and WWE

WWE reportedly met with Impact Wrestling officials at its headquarters office in Stamford, CT. per a report by Mike Johnson of PWInsider.

The rare face-to-face meeting between the two longtime “rivals,” for lack of a better term, set off alarm bells on Twitter, and trending opinions ranged from a possible Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame induction for AJ Styles, to a potential WWE buyout of Impact Wrestling.

Any talk of a potential buyout seems premature at best. The report vaguely described the meeting as a “general discussion about the two companies and a chance to get everyone in the same room.” And though Impact Wrestling has mostly been on the outside looking in during a boom period on the independent wrestling scene, new management, under competent wrestling minds Don Callis and Scott D’Amore, appears to be steering the company in the right direction … Read the Full Story HERE


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