FORBES: WWE Can Replace Any Star Who Leaves, Even Rousey Or Cena

By Blake Oestriecher – Feb 15, 2019

WWE, reeling from Dean Ambrose’s upcoming departure and increased competition from companies like All Elite Wrestling, now seems to be nervous about its stars leaving.

The company is trying to lock down as many stars as possible with new contracts as the bidding war for talent heats up. According to the Wrestling Observer (h/t Wrestling Inc), “Word is that WWE has told talents that if they can show on paper an offer from another promotion, then they will beat it, and even double it on the spot, if the talent immediately signs with WWE.” Likewise, it’s been reported that Ambrose’s departure had WWE scrambling to sign a plethora of talents to long-term deals in an effort to prevent them from going elsewhere.

Clearly, there is fear within WWE about the prospects of losing some of its stars, whether main event caliber ones or rarely seen lower card workers. That fear has been worsened by news that AEW is offering contracts “comparable” to those of WWE and concern that the thriving independent wrestling scene has become an attractive option for WWE’s disgruntled stars who may want out of the company. Of particular concern after Chris Jericho signed what he called the “best” financial deal of his storied career when he inked a contract with AEW earlier this year is that even WWE’s well-pushed top talents could bolt the company, including WWE mainstay Randy Orton.

Perennial main eventers, including Brock LesnarAJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura, are just a few of the names who have expiring contracts and have been linked to potential departures, whether that be to go to AEW, UFC or even New Japan Pro-Wrestling. WWE has made … Read the Full Story HERE

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