FORBES: WWE Has Run Out Of Ideas For Brock Lesnar



What does WWE do with a star who’s done just about everything? That’s the current conundrum the company is facing with Brock Lesnar.

“The Beast” is officially retired from MMA and is under contract with WWE through at least May 2020. As soon as Lesnar revealed that he was done with UFC earlier this year, it was inevitable that Lesnar would be sticking around in WWE and that he’d continue to be pushed as one of the central points of its programming. That inevitability became a reality at Extreme Rules when he became the Universal Champion for the third time, and even though he’s since dropped the title, the decision behind putting the title back on him was two-fold: It was probably a direct result of Seth Rollins’ inability to draw as champion and WWE’s long-held belief that Lesnar is its biggest draw.

But Lesnar as a world champion was really just more of the same. He had held the Universal title for roughly half of its existence, hasn’t truly had a memorable feud during those reigns and has spent those title reigns dominating just about everyone he faces. WWE obviously protects its substantial financial investments in Lesnar by booking him as strongly as possible, which is both… Read More HERE


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