FORBES: WWE Is Reigniting A ‘Monster’ Push For One Of Its Most Overlooked Stars


220px-Braun_March_2018Braun Strowman has been one of WWE’s biggest missed opportunities over the past couple of years.

Once thought to be the potential new face of the company, “The Monster Among Men” has fallen by the wayside in favor of the pushes of other stars, ranging from Seth Rollins to Roman Reigns to AJ Styles to Becky Lynch. For the past three WrestleManias, Strowman has been put on the backburner, having been relegated to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleManias 33 and 35 while being stuck in a comedy tag team match at WrestleMania 34 that left a lot of his fans quite disappointed.

But here’s some good news for Strowman fans: WWE’s misuse of the gargantuan superstar could be coming to an end very soon.

According to freelance reporter Tom Colohue (h/t Sportskeeda), new Executive Director of Raw Paul Heyman is a big supporter of Strowman and plans on giving him a “monster” push on … Read More HERE


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