FORBES: The WWE Women’s Tag Team Division Is Already In Shambles


bfe0cda74b39f157cf9e25a210e27b39Well, that didn’t take long.

WWE’s women’s tag team division really only came to fruition just a few months ago during the buildup to Elimination Chamber, where Sasha Banks and Bayley became the first women’s tag team champions since the late 1980s. The announcement of the creation of those titles took place in a random backstage segment with Vince “Santa Claus” McMahon in December 2018, and looking back, it’s rather ironic that the titles being announced in a throwaway segment has resulted in a throwaway tag team division mere months after it was created.

Yes, as sad as it is to say, the WWE women’s tag team division is already in shambles.

Look, no one is blaming the female superstars themselves here, but a vortex of unfortunate circumstances has resulted in the women’s tag team division falling apart just as quickly as it came together. At least on the surface, the creation of those titles seemed like a great idea: The logic behind it was that the women who weren’t involved in the Raw or SmackDown Women’s Championship scene would find meaningful storylines in the tag team division. Though seemingly a solid idea on paper, the execution of that plan has been one big swing and a miss.

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