Gringo Loco vs. Myron Reed Signed for MLW Intimidation Games

MLW today announced Gringo Loco vs. “Hot Fire” Myron Reed for MLW: Intimidation Games at Cicero Stadium. The event will air live on beIN SPORTS on Saturday night March 2nd.

Gringo Loco, known for his low center of gravity that he uses to his advantage to counter highflying wrestlers, will look to shutdown Myron Reed’s state-of-the-art aerial arsenal.
Reed, a supporter of the recently suspended Rich Swann, has been vocal with his own complaints about biased refereeing in the league.
Gringo Loco sees this bout as a challenge: a big win in his hometown in itself is a statement to matchmakers but the evasive speedster Reed will be a challenge for Gringo.
Will Loco bring it for Chicago or will Reed’s combination of speed, aerial offense and innovation be too much for the “Base God”? Find out live in Chicago March 2nd at Cicero Stadium as MLW presents a live network special INTIMIDATION GAMES for beIN SPORTS.
Tickets start at $10 at


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