FORBES: Has WWE Found Its Heir Apparent To Roman Reigns?


SethRollins6First, it was John Cena. Then, it was Roman Reigns. Now, it’s Seth Rollins who WWE is trying to establish as the face of the company.

So, the question remains: Who’s next?

For roughly a decade beginning in 2005, Cena was the unquestioned face of WWE, a star who dominated the world title picture, main evented WrestleManias, became its unchallenged merchandise-selling king and ultimately went on to become a rising star in Hollywood. At the tail end of Cena’s impressive run as the top full-time star in WWE, the company began putting more focus on Reigns, who may became WWE’s new No. 1 merchandise seller but never became the draw that Cena was and is. Essentially since 2015, however, Reigns has been “the guy” in WWE, a role that wasn’t really up for grabs until Reigns was diagnosed with leukemia last fall and left WWE for nearly half a year.

During Reigns’ absence, Becky Lynch briefly assumed the spot as WWE’s No. 1 merchandise seller, its hottest act and its most popular star. Lynch has cooled off a bit since then, though, and as Reigns remains on a part-time schedule while taking a step back from the world title picture… Read More HERE 

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