FORBES: Huge Dream Matches WWE Must Do In 2019



WWE moved two of its biggest stars in the Superstar Shakeup, Roman Reigns and AJ Styles, and then instituted its new “Wild Card” rule, paving the way for a number of dream feuds in the process.

Although viewership for both the Raw (down 26%) and SmackDown (down 21%) episodes of the Superstar Shakeup plummeted in comparison to last year’s shows and ratings for both brands are down by at least 13% over the past year, all of the bold moves WWE has made over the past month could lead to an improved product for WWE, with more opportunities for the company to put on exciting feuds and engaging storylines.

But let’s stress that could part because now comes the real challenge: Ensuring fans continue to tune in.

With WWE’s viewership dropping by roughly 25% over the course of the past year, the change brought on by the Shakeup and the “Wild Card” rule could not have come at a better time. WWE desperately needs to create some more compelling rivalries and more intriguing feuds, and though neither the Superstar Shakeup nor the Wild Card rule guarantees that will happen, the creative team at least now has more available options for its creative process moving forward… Read the Full Story HERE


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