By Travis Woolum, Contributing Writer

Hello, everyone. The Hurricane is back to give you the rundown of Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground supershow from Wrestlecon…

Opener: 6-way, 1 fall match: Matanza def Chavo Guerrero, Moose, Caleb Konley, X-Division Champion: Matt Sydal & Jack Evans
Thoughts: I thought this was a fun sprint to get the crowd into the show, but at just around 8 minutes I did not feel that the match was as good as it could’ve been & I had Moose penciled in to win this one, so I was shocked genuinely to see Matanza win in a fun match with a lot of talent involved also good to see a legend like Chavo back even for one night.
2nd Match: Allie def Taya Valkyrie to retain the Impact Knockouts Championship
Thoughts: Not as good of a match as you would think but still good. In my opinion since this is a glorified house show, odds are they’re saving their best for a bigger stage like a PPV or major episode of Impact. Still a very good match as the crowd was into both of them & the action was good, Allie also adds credibility with this win so mission accomplished.
3rd Match: Scott Steiner & Teddy Hart def OVE in a Tag Team match after Steiner forced Jake Crist to tap to the Steiner recliner.
Thoughts: Much like Chavo while Scott Steiner may be past his prime, it’s still a treat to watch a legend like him in action, seeing him in the nWo Wolfpack shirt also brought a huge smile to my face & he also held his own in the ring snapping off some great suplexes like he always did. Teddy Hart would also be a great hand back in the X-Division like he once was, he can still do the high spots very well & can be a valuable hand to the younger guys in the back like Austin Aries or Petey Williams are doing, good match although I would’ve guessed OVE winning as they’d have moreso to gain from the win but cool to see Scott Steiner still kicking ass.
4th Match: King Cuerno, Aerostar & Drago def Desmond Xavier, DJ Z & Andrew Everett in a 6 man tag team match after Everett ate the fall.
Thoughts: VERY FUN X-Division style high flying match here, up to this point the best on the show. Everett, DJ Z & Xavier returning is good as the X- Division needs more guys back & seeing those guys mixing up with the likes of Petey Williams, Ishimori & Matt Sydal would make for some epic matches. Great match here & I’d like to see Impact & Lucha Underground partner up more especially if that means getting more Drago on my screen as he was pulling out some of the best spots of the night, great match & at around 10 minutes or so this match got the time it needed & as expected got more accomplished, got their spots in & was overall a much better match.
5th Match: Trevor Lee w/ Caleb Konley def Marty ”The Moth” Martinez w/ Famous B
Thoughts: While I don’t see the appeal of Marty at all he’s better than Famous B by far & gave Lee a better match as Lee vs Famous B would be a squash on paper. Cult Of Lee has been one of my favorite parts of Impact in recent weeks, both are very talented with plenty of charisma & I’d really love them to stay in the upper tier of the X & Tag Team Divisions as they’re far too good for anything less, that said this was still a very boring match & honestly the only bad match of the show, but that’s all on Marty.
6th Match: LAX def Da Mack & Killshot to retain the Impact World Tag Team Championships.
Thoughts: While you just knew the titles weren’t changing here much like Allie vs Taya earlier, this was still a kickass match & an early MOTYC as far as Tag Team wrestling goes as both teams pulled out all of the stops to get the crowd invested & succeeded not a single moment I wasn’t looking at my screen I was so into this even to the point I was buying into some of Team Lucha’s nearfalls & thought maybe the belts could change. Da Mack is one of the most athletic big men today, I’d love to see him in Impact vs the likes of Cage or Moose as this guy is just unreal & is gonna be a big deal, very valuable asset going forward, I’m also a fan of Killshot as he was wrestling so similar to an X Division guy that I’d like to see Impact give him a chance to shine there in the X Division, anyways great match which I expected nothing less, but my expectations were exceeded.
7th Match: Brian Cage def Eli Drake
Thoughts: More history to these guys than you likely know as these 2 were a Tag Team earlier in their careers. Anyways rather average match here, nothing good but nothing bad. On the bright side, I could’ve seen either guy winning so I was interested in that regard. Odds are these 2 will lock up again this year on Impact likely in pursuit of the World title & the matches Cage could have with Moose, Aries (like those 2 had a few weeks ago), Alberto & Johnny Impact could some really fun, high quality viewing. However, Cage gets more off this win as Drake as already a former World Champion & wins like this will only give Cage more credibility moving forward after winning Lashley out of Impact Wrestling, I think we have the next breakout star for Impact Wrestling right there.
8th Match: Jeremiah Crane def Eddie Edwards in an I Quit Match via the Impact President Don Callis throwing in the towel/ referee stoppage
Thoughts: GREAT match possibly non WWE match of the WrestleMania weekend candidate as Callihan looked like a beast here absorbing Eddie’s best shots & defiantly refusing to give up while bringing the pain himself. Eddie was his usual awesome self too bringing the intensity, really out for revenge & pulled out all the stops to force Crane to quit but ultimately came up short despite never giving up. I would love to see another one on one match with these 2 for a decisive winner as this was a WAR. Great spots, big brutal spots & great weapons use that were all logical & tied into the story that was being presented, just an all around great match. I’d also be in to seeing Sami Callihan bring Jeremiah Crane to Impact as a split personality kind of deal to really bring some more dimensions to the characters of OVE as shouting Everything will only get you so far so Crane could really be what OVE needs for character depth, but other than that OVE are one of the best teams going today. After the match Moose makes the save with a chair after OVE attacked him on Impact.
Main Event: Pentagon Dark def Impact World Champion: Austin Aries & Fenix in a non title Triple Threat match after Pentagon pinned Fenix.
Thoughts: We had a scheduled tag team match of Aries & Fenix vs Alberto El Patron & Pentagon Dark but typical Alberto no showing at the last minute. During a great match the crowd is anything but shy of what they think of Alberto no showing with audible chants of ”Fuck Del Rio” being heard up & down Bourbon street, but still in awesome match here with innovative spots & another shocking result with Aries seemingly a lock to win, Pentagon won but at least the Impact World Champion did not have to eat the fall in a meaningless house show match to a wrestler who doesn’t even work for Impact at least not regularly as Pentagon vs Fenix has been added to the upcoming Redemption PPV & the week of Impact tapings following, Great match here though & a great way to close out a really good house show.

Overall thoughts: This was a great card for the most part nothing to complain about from an in ring perspective save for the Trevor Lee match. This show had a little bit of everything to it: Great storytelling, Great characters & most importantly great wrestling mixing up high flying, lucha libre, Hardcore & brawling throughout the night. If you want to watch the show On Demand be sure to skip Trevor Lee vs Marty The Parasite but as far as must see The 6 man tag, The Tag Team titles, The I Quit match & The Main Event are all must see. This show made me want to see Impact & Lucha Underground work together more in the very near future, thank you very much for reading & enjoy the rest of your WrestleMania Weekend!!

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