iNDIES, iNTERNATIONAL, & THE uNDERGROUND – 01.06.18: Betting “Double or Nothing” on Hollis and Skyler

If All Elite Wrestling is serious about going All In, they should deal in Corey Hollis and John Skyler.

By Michael Melchor, Executive Editor

We have an idea who could go “Double or Nothing”.

Oh em gee, you guys! All Elite Wrestling is a thing! WWE finally has competition again!

Survey says… one more for the good guys! This is the greatest thing to ever happen to wrestling!

Not so fast. It certainly can be, mind you. We’re not gonna start pointing out flaws and being haters or any of that. The fact that this crew realized what they had to offer and where wrestling is heading will be brilliant to see unfold, for sure. The buzz around it is already fever pitch with nothi–well, one show under its belt.

Lotta folks talking about, who’s signed? Who can we expect them to lock down? What kind of ‘super-dee-duper’ roster will they have? The discussion always turns to the usual suspects. Kenny Omega. Cody and the Bucks (duh). Scorpio Sky. Christopher Daniels? CM Punk?! Sure, we all want to know who will be working with what will no doubt be the biggest wrestling company in the history of our sport, especially right off the bat. Everyone’s so focused on “Double Or Nothing” that they can’t be bothered to look past a year or two after that. Every company needs to think about the future. If you’re not in it for the long haul, there’s no reason to be in it at all. I would assume The Elite is collectively smart enough to know this. So, rather than who’s going to be at their next show, I’m more interested in knowing who they have their eye on going forward. We know AEW will get stars, but can they make stars? Time just doesn’t give a damn. There are only so many “best years” that anyone has before it’s time to shift to a lower gear. So who does All Elite have in place to make sure the company’s time marches on? Who might they be eyeing that they can establish as not only “All Elite” guys, but guys who can keep carrying the ball anywhere? O Ye New Gods of Wrestling, if we may be so humble as to offer a suggestion?

A lot has changed since then. All Elite Wrestling would be wise to find out just how much.

Two, actually. Corey Hollis and John Skyler.

Together, these two already have television experience to spare. Ring of Honor, WWE NXT, 205 Live and even Monday Night Raw, specifically. Not like they have to be trained to perform for cameras or anything.

If anyone paid attention to their two-year feud in PWX, we know that those performances are just dying for a national audience. Skyler has fire to spare and can easily give guys like Juice Robinson a run for their money as the guy slapping hands that wrestling fans actually want to cheer. Meanwhile, Corey Hollis is taking his game to another level in terms of character work. As far as being able to tell a story in the ring and convey drama? Once again, you saw their two-year feud in PWX, right? Not much more has to be said about how they maximized the crowd’s investment in what they built and how they paid it off. The deal is easy enough to seal with an inside man. “Hangman” Adam Page ran with these cats.He knows what Hollis and Skyler can bring to the table. He’s already aware that, given the opportunity, they sure won’t leave any money on it. I’d like to think that convincing the others of the same wouldn’t be too difficult. To really be in this game to win, All Elite is going to need stars they can call their own that will continue to show what pro wrestling can be and can do. Corey Hollis and John Skyler can see the challenge of a big spotlight and raise. It’s time to deal them in.  


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