iNDIES, iNTERNATIONAL, & THE uNDERGROUND – 03.17.2019: WrestleMania Week Primer – SHIMMER

Our series on independent companies invading New York for WrestleMania weekend continues with SHIMMER – the original “Women’s Revolution.”

By Michael Melchor, Executive Editor

CEO Court Bauer said in a recent press release, “The sport reaches its annual peak the weekend of April 5th.”

April 5, 2019, is when the biggest wrestling company in the world will put on its biggest show of the year – resulting in the largest concentration of wrestling fans in one place at one time.

It makes natural sense that, with that kind of audience, many other wrestling companies swarm to the same location and present their best in the hopes of offering fans there to binge on McDonald’s a flavor they may not be familiar with yet but may come away liking a lot.

One of the companies heading to New York this year is the home of the original “Women’s Revolution.” SHIMMER held its first show in November of 2005 with the goal of providing “the most skilled women pro wrestlers with a forum to truly shine as athletes and perform at the most competitive level.” Nearly fourteen years later, the names that have come through Chicago have truly defined the “Women’s Revolution” we see today on WWE television.

In preparation for SHIMMER 113 on April 5 at La Boom in Woodside, NY, below are some (but not nealy all) of the most surprising names that got their start in SHIMMER:


SHIMMER by Michael Melchor


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