iNDYS, iNTERNATIONAL, & THE uNDERGROUND – 05.20.2018: When Women Lay Down the Law

Female Referees Beckie Phillips and Charlene Mcanally share how they pursued their passion for pro wrestling.

Pro wrestling has seen a change in direction over the last several years. Not only has women’s wrestling become much more prominent than in the past, in terms of both quality and presence, but women have also been making their mark elsewhere.

Along with the proliferation of women competing against each other, intergender matches have become much more common than they once were. But along with these trends, a third has been quietly happening alongside them – and that is the prominence of the female referee.

In 2017, Kennadi Brink – who made her name as a wrestler working for Ignite Wrestling out of Florida as well as SHIMMER, SHINE, and Ring Of Honor – debuted as a referee in World Wrestling Entertainment during the company’s Mae Young Classic. Brink is also the first female to referee a men’s match in WWE.

Brink may be seen as a trailblazer but others have taken that path for the past few years.

Listen to our story on Beckie Phillips with Maryland Championship Wrestling and Charlene Mcanally from Ohio Valley Wrestling to hear their stories on how they broke into the sport, their perspectives on being a female referee and much more below:



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