iNDYS, iNTERNATIONAL, & THE uNDERGROUND – 09.02.2018: Desean Pratt Leaps Into The Future

How Desean Pratt reformulated, replanned and reprogrammed his way to a resurgence.

By Michael Melchor, Executive Editor

DP_05As professional wrestling is on the minds of everyone in pop culture, Desean Pratt is leaping into the fire and the future.

“Right now, professional wrestling as a whole is skyrocketing,” Pratt told The Gorilla Position recently via telephone when talking about his recent return. “It’s to the point that professional wrestling has gotten pushed into the spotlight and become part of pop culture. There are a lot more eyes on it with new fans coming in.”

And with those new eyes comes new opportunities. With major mainstream media outlets like Sports Illustrated and ESPN now covering pro wrestling on a regular basis and events like this weekend’s “All In” show capturing attention on an unprecedented scale, Pratt sees the surge in popularity as the perfect time to strike and launch his own career into the stratosphere.

A twelve-year veteran, Pratt is prepared to take the next step in his journey. For many years, Pratt plied his trade as the masked Amasis and was almost never without his former Osirian Portal partner Ophidian. The team once held the CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas championships and were one of the most well-known duos in pro wrestling. Pratt left the mask behind to pursue a solo career but then felt the need to take a step back, leaving a void in wrestling as Pratt had seemingly retired.

“A lot of people ask me, ‘Hey, what happened?’ I wanted to take a break,” Pratt said. “I knew that wrestling was getting so hot. People were getting signed left and right. I needed to take a step back and really think about what I truly want for myself and my career. Where do I want to go, what goals do I want to accomplish, and how I’m going to pursue those goals.”

Pratt attributes the regrouping to a time when he felt his star may never shine as brightly as he envisioned and had to mentally dig deeper in figuring out how he would achieve his dream. “We sometimes go through the motions in this business and forget those goals,” Pratt said. “We can get discouraged and feel as if those goals are unreachable. There was a point in time when I felt that about myself. I don’t think the goals I set for myself were reachable but I had to get out of that mentality. I had to take a step back, reformulate, re-plan and reprogram, and really execute my game plan.”

DP_03That’s when Pratt took what he calls a “leap of faith” and made a quiet return to pro wrestling, catching many fans off-guard. The return was always in mind as Pratt kept up with the product while regaining his focus.

“Even in my time off, I was never away from wrestling,” Pratt said. “I was always watching, I was always studying. I was still training, always keeping myself up. I knew my hiatus would be brief. It wasn’t supposed to be this giant sendoff because I wasn’t retiring. I knew I was coming back but I didn’t want to make a big deal about it. I just wanted to silently put myself back into the picture and see where it would go. It’s like Batman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ when he disappeared for a bit – people didn’t know if Batman was coming back but when he did, he made a giant impact.”

The “impact” Pratt has made upon his return has already been witnessed by several million viewers around the world. His biggest claim to fame until recently was a viral YouTube clip from Combat Zone Wrestling wherein he and Ophidian hypnotized their opponents into a dance party. Since his return, Pratt has already made a bigger splash with several appearances on Impact Wrestling television.

The televised appearance is a sign that Pratt is ready to step back into the spotlight in a big way. Pratt has appearances scheduled for PPW Entertainment and can be seen next month on when he takes on Tracy Williams for Pro Wrestling Explosion on October 7.

No audience is too big or small as Pratt takes calculated steps toward working with a variety of companies ranging from AAW to Ring of Honor to NXT.

DP_04“I’m chomping at the proverbial bit,” Pratt said. “I just need that shot to get in the ring with one of their guys, for them to see me and say, “Desean is the real deal. He hasn’t lost a step.’ That’s where I’m at right now – just itching for that shot. You’ve got to create your own opportunities, you’ve got to create your own luck.”

The tireless dedication to his craft and the ability to go at a moment’s notice has him ready to take the next leap forward. “I tend to call it the ‘red light syndrome,’” Pratt said. “Chris Jericho talked about in his first book how he was in Mexico and nervous about being there – the language barrier and not being really well versed in Lucha Libre. But when that red light came on, it was go time and he put it down. That stuck with me. It doesn’t matter what show I’m on, whether I’m in front of 1,500 or a couple hundred – when I get through that curtain, I’m putting on my best body of work and making myself undeniable.”

While Pratt springs into the future with everything he has, he is quick to point out that his peers and comrades are more than welcome to come along for the ride. Pratt sees the recent boom in wrestling as being one that can benefit everyone involved at all levels.

“One of my favorite things to tell people is that the plate is big enough that we can all eat,” Pratt said. “There’s no need to be greedy – we can all eat well. At the end of the day, we all have this as a dream. Whatever we were watching growing up – NWA, AWA, WWF – it was then and there that most of us decided this was our dream. Like those forefathers helped me, I want to help others realize their potential and live that dream as well.”

With the enthusiasm of a rookie and the experience of a seasoned pro, Desean Pratt is ready to put professional wrestling on his back and catapult himself – and the business – to new heights.

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Visit to see Desean Pratt take on Tracy Williams at Pro Wrestling Explosion‘s “Clash of the Neon Nebulas” on October 7th!


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