INSTANT IMPACT – 05.18.2018: Andrew Everett on striking Tag Team gold with DJZ

By Ryan K. Boman, Editor in Chief

MAY 18, 2018 – Well, the reign of Scott Steiner and Eli Drake didn’t last long, thanks to a pair of high-flying stars.

Last night’s episode of Impact on Pop was kicked off by an exciting world tag team title change, where Andrew Everett and DJZ got their first taste of gold as a duo.

E & Z defeated Steiner & Drake, when the ‘Big Bad Booty Daddy’ inadvertently hit his own partner with a chair. That opened the door, as Everett delivered a running shooting star press on a stunned Drake for the pin at the 6:26 mark.

New Impact World Tag Team Champions, Andrew Everett and DJZ

Since coming together, Everett and DJZ have shown a penchant for stealing the show any time they are featured on Impact. But now, E & Z are also on a red, hot winning streak, and appear to be settling past many of the growing pains that most tag teams endure.

They have the World titles in their grasp as proof of that.  

“This is something I have thought about since I got to Impact… winning a major title,” Andrew Everett told in an exclusive interview after the title match. “It’s definitely my crowning moment in Impact. And it feels great to go out there and win it with a great partner. It’s so damn fun to go out there and just tear it up with Z, and of course, to finally be recognized for it. “

Everett says that for any wrestler to be in a position to hold a title shows that the company has confidence in that particular performer. And while he knows he has earned his way to a championship level, he’s still not taking for granted his journey to the gold.

“It means a lot for the company to have this kind of confidence in me and Z,” he continued. “The years have paid off; That’s what this really means to me. The years of suffering and pain, and of even being frustrated sometimes.”

Everett & DJZ win the titles
It was a stunning win for E & Z, as they knocked off two former world heavyweight champions

“Whether it was dealing with a lot of bad luck, or bad timing with injuries, to finally get through all that… it means a lot.”

Everett then pointed out that it was also a major ‘comeback moment’ for his partner. A former two-time X-Division champion, DJZ had been absent from the company for months after suffering a near fatal injury  during a match last April for the Crash Lucha Libre promotion in Mexico. It would take him a full year to recover, and the title victory was a culmination of his hard work and determination to get back in the ring.

Everett says seeing his friend and partner back on top was a sweet emotion; The only thing sweeter was relishing in that success alongside him.

“Z is the best. Tagging with him, I’ve had more fun than I’ve had in wrestling for a couple years,” Everett commented. “He almost died last year, and some people don’t really understand that. You almost have to say it to them again: He almost died last year.”

“And now, he’s back, and he’s doesn’t know when to stop. He’s amazing, and now that he’s back at full strength, there’s really no sign of stopping him. Or, us.”

Everett said he believes E & Z have gotten a big response from the fans because their fast-paced style is reminiscent of the early days of the company’s legendary X-Division. The dynamic duo wrestles a high-octane offense, and spend a lot of time in the air, performing an array of innovative maneuvers.

“We’re a tag team that just goes out there and does whatever they want. We come up with crazy stuff, and we make damn sure we’re going to give it to the people. For them to see just how crazy we’re going to get.” 

Everett says he and DJZ will continue to dazzle fans – and their opponents – as they move forward to defend the tag team titles.

“You guys haven’t seen anything yet,” he laughed. “We got some stuff in the works. Just going all out, throwing it all out there for the fans.”

“It’s what we aim to do. We want to do things that no one’s really done before… and entertain people all the while.”




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