SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Jon Moxley Cast in MMA-Themed Movie ‘Cagefighter’

By ALAA ABDELDAIEM – May 08, 2019

5853b280394e280271f3b4b8Former WWE star Dean Ambrose is set to appear in the MMA-themed action feature ‘Cagefighter’, Deadline’s Andreas Wiseman reported on Wednesday.

Ambrose, whose real name is Jonathan Good, was best known for his work with The Shield. He is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, a Triple Crown Champion and a Grand Slam Champion. He chose not to renew his contract with WWE and left the company at the end of April, saying goodbye to the WWE Universe after the post-WrestleMania episode of Raw went off the air.

Ambrose relauched his Twitter account under the name “Jon Moxley” last week, teasing a return to the wrestling persona he used before … Read the Full Story HERE

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