JP SHORTS – 06.01.2020: Honor

By Jim Phillips, Senior Editor


“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.” –Calvin Coolidge

Earning the trust and respect of your peers is something that everyone who is successful in business, at any level, should strive to seek out.  While it is never possible to be liked by everyone, if you are good at what you do, and perform at a higher level consistently, then like you or not you will have their respect.  Like everything else in the real world, these things are earned by your actions, and much less by the annunciation of your own greatness to anyone willing to listen or who is within earshot to hear it.  No one, anywhere, is deserving of anything but an opportunity.  You earn everything that is worth attainment in this life.

The best way to earn respect, the world over, is to first be humble in yourself and open to instruction.  Paying your dues takes time and a devotion to the work that is put in to achieve the desired result.  Part of earning that trust is putting in that time and paying his dues by showing up each and every week no matter how much you hurt how hard it may be. Not only showing each in every week but showing up early being the first one there the last one to leave actions speak louder than words and the people around you will take note of this, and see your commitment.  When you’re willing to give of yourself in order to achieve your goals and invest the time required, it makes other people want to invest in you as well and therein the trust and respect comes. But not only by that, but by learning to dance.

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We spoken before about the importance of learning the dance, which is how to work in that ring without hurting yourself, or the person that you’re in there working with.  That is your family member and you’re both in there to make money and earn.  Another part of learning the dance is also coming to the understanding that you’re not always going to be on top, and you’re not always going to be over.  You have to learn when to take the losses and why, and within that you’ll grow as a student of the business.  Though it seems that basic fundamentals are being stressed sometimes is the basics that need to be focused on just going to a wrestling school and having someone tell you that you’re ready to get the ring doesn’t mean that you should be able to walk up to any promotion and get a push it just doesn’t work that way and if you think it does you get nothing but heartbreak area.

Part of that give and take, that ebb and flow, inside the ring depends on the wrestler not being greedy and knowing when to take direction and listen to your elder, the ring general, the one that’s out there to show you the way.  Just walking in thinking you can start calling shots is no way to get anywhere. It’s not going to garner one ounce of respect, and without that nobody’s going to want to do anything with you, because let’s be honest, you’re putting yourself at risk, along with everyone else around you as well.

Another way to garner the respect of your peers, not only the fraternity of professional wrestling, but in the real world itself, is by always fulfilling your contracts and obligations. If you give your word that you’re going to do something, let alone writing it down in a contractual form, then you should be ready to fulfill that without question or hesitation. Sometimes you’re not always going to get the payday that you were expecting, or maybe that you been promised, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t show up and give it one hundred and ten percent regardless.  While things aren’t exactly the way they were the old days when it was a full on handshake business, whenever you shake someone’s hand and give that promise that you’ll be there, then make it happen no matter what.

Well, were going to wrap it up there for this week brothers and sisters.  I hope to see you back here next time, as we continue our discussion on life lessons and fundamentals under the shade of learning tree.  Peace.



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