The CWA & USWA Merger

December 30, 1989 

The last Evansville CWA show begins with Michael St. John announcing the CWA-USWA “merger” with Eddie Marlin.

uswa+5+1+90.mp4_snapshot_01.51_[2015.12.04_14.28.46]Featuring: Tag Title Tournament Final of The Stud Stable (Fuller/Lee) vs. Jeff Jarrett/Matt Borne, Jeff Jarrett vs. The Masked Avenger followed by a Jeff Jarrett/Robert Fuller confrontation. The Mis-Deeds of Billy Joe Travis, followed by a Superstar Bill Dundee music video. Up next is a Billy Joe Travis promo, a Soultaker (aka Godfather/Papa Shango) music video, a Dirty Dutch Mantell video, and a final match with PY Chu Hi/Nature Boy Buddy Landell vs. Dustin Rhodes/Jimmy Jack Funk.

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