KAYFABE THEATER: World Championship Wrestling [1986]


May 31, 1986



Tony & David announce that Ricky Morton’s nose has been shattered by Ric Flair 
Dusty Rhodes & Baby Doll interview 
Hector Guerrero & Manny Fernandez vs. Bob Owens & Thunderfoot 
Arn Anderson interview (Arn teases Ole’s return) 
Video package of the close of a Morton/Flair match, Arn & Tully come down & Flair drives a knee into the back of Morton’s head. 
Morton & Gibson interview 
Wahoo McDaniel vs. Vernon Deaton 
Magnum T.A. & Nikita Koloff press conference. Nikita insults Magnum’s mom & a brawl ensues. 
Jim Crockett Jr. announces the match will happen on TBS next week 
Shaska Whatley vs. Bill Mulkey 
Ric Flair interview (Flair responds to the Ricky Morton incident  brings out a tiny underwear set) 
Tully Blanchard w/ J.J. Dillon interview (footage of  Garvin vs. Leo Burke, Blanchard attacks Garvin) 
Jim Cornette interview 
Midnight Express vs. Art Pritts & Brodie Chase 
Cornette introduces Big Bubba Rogers as his bodyguard (Baby Doll challenges Cornette) 
Jimmy Garvin w/ Precious interview 
Rock n Roll Express vs. David Dellinger & Paul Garner 
Ivan & Nikita Koloff interview 
The Barbarian & Baron Von Raschke vs. The Italian Stallion & Rocky King 
A Great American Bash update (Bob Geigle announces that Flair will face 14 challengers in 30 days) 
Ron Garvin vs. Kent Glover 
Jim Cornette w/ Bubba interview


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