LAST WORD ON SPORTS: EC3… The Bret Hart of Impact

By Jamie Greer – LAST WORD ON SPORTS – January 14, 2018

lwos-272x90First off, let’s clear the elephant in the room. This is in no way reflective of Michael Hutter, the man who has portrayed Ethan Carter III (EC3) on Impact Wrestling for the past five years in contrast to the man that is ultimately Bret Hart behind the Hitman. This is strictly based on the character’s value to the company and how his character faced a similar demise in the company they worked for.

At last night’s Impact tapings, EC3 won one of the briefcases in the returning Feast or Fired gimmick match, and ultimately drew the briefcase that contained the pink slip, leading to EC3’s termination with Impact Wrestling. He joins a list that has included Low Ki, Velvet Sky, Curry Man, Grado, Shawn Daivari and a completely unaware Chavo Guerrero Jr. as performers who were written out of Impact’s storylines due to ending contracts or … Read the Full Story HERE




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