LAST WORD ON SPORTS: Mysterio Signs With Aro Lucha, Becomes Part Owner

By Jamie Greer – Last Word on Sports – March 18, 2018

According to an article in today’s The Tennessean, lucha libre legend Rey Mysterio Jr. has signed exclusively with new promotion Aro Lucha out of Nashville, Tennessee, and has been announced as becoming co-owner alongside co-founders Jason Brown and the Harris Twins (Ron and Don Harris). While this won’t jeopardize Rey’s upcoming NJPW match at Strong Style Evolved in Long Beach, California against NJPW legend Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger, it looks to put an end to any rumours of Rey Mysterio returning to the WWE.

With Aro Lucha gearing up to begin production of a new weekly television series, with Rey Mysterio set to be the “John Cena” of the show, it’s unlikely the WWE will want to work with a wrestler who is trying to sell another brand in North America, even if his name is Rey Mysterio. And considering the WWE has had a hard time replacing Mysterio as the face of their Hispanic audience, the fact Mysterio’s WWE presence would only help draw more to a show that is being targeted to that demographic would most likely hinder their attempts. While there’s always an outside chance that he could still … Read the Full Story HERE


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