KAYFABE THEATER: Lazer Tron Debuts!

Hector Guerrero premieres the short-lived (but surprisingly popular) Lazer Tron character, based on the Lazer-Tag children’s game, which was popular in the mid-80’s.

Guerrero’s biggest run under the mask would be teaming with Jimmy Valiant, in a feud against the upstart tag team of The New Breed, Sean Royal and Chris Champion. Along the way, Lazer Tron would also capture the NWA World Junior Heavyweight championship from Denny Brown on March 7, 1987. He would vacate the title in October of that same year.

Commentator Bob Caudle isn’t quite sure what to make of the futuristic superstar, as he gets a quick win in his first match against Randy Mulkey…

YOUTUBE: matto11011   

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