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If you’ve been hearing a rumbling that literally defines the word ‘Impact’, then it might be the human steamroller known as Fallah Bahh.

DSC02536_previewThe super-sized Super Ball has been bouncing around his opponents since arriving in Impact Wrestling in mid-2017, much to the delight of the company’s fans. Fallah has developed a cult-like following among the longtime crowd in Orlando, and today, he’s one of the emerging faces of a company that continues its steady build toward a new era.

“The call from Impact last year really felt like a blessing,” Bahh told TheGorillaPosition.com in an interview just before this week’s episode of Impact on Pop aired. “Everything goes into place, like a puzzle piece. You wrestle all these years and have all these shows. You have a goal. You start to think that it’s never going to happen.

“Finally, it all just fell into place. Then, you just stop and breathe it all in… Like, okay, cool. This really happened.

That outlook is portrayed in his character: a 400-pound, lovable teddy bear, who always manages to have a good time while thundering through his opponents. As his character gets more exposure, he’s receiving more and more positive television reaction.

With a head of steam behind him, Fallah has gone full force, becoming the type of steady and reliable onscreen performer that Impact needs right now. He provides some lighter moments that always help move along a typical episode of Impact on Pop rather nicely, all while the audience chants his name right along with him.

Bahh’s likability and willingness to embrace the people are easily picked up by the camera, and the reaction from the live crowd plays well on the broadcast. Part of that connection comes from a particularly entertaining spot he performs, where he lays his opponent on the mat and literally dog rolls over them. In the process, Fallah flattens them with his own kind of ‘mass appeal’: Every time the crowd knows it’s coming, they give the Filipino star a response that’s almost as big as he is.

In the meantime, Fallah says everyone from writers to fellow wrestlers have tried to give the unorthodox maneuver a different moniker. 

AKP_Impact_FallahBahh_11_preview“I’ve been doing it for about two or three years, and it seems like everyone has their own name for that move,” he laughed. “Everywhere I’ve gone, in different promotions, they have called it everything from the log roll, to the steamroller, to the sushi roll.” 

Officially, the move is called ‘The Panda Express’, and it always gets a huge reaction from the fans in attendance at the Impact Zone.

“I have kind of a thing about pandas, I guess,” he joked. “And it’s more than just a resemblance – If you’ve see me in catering or a restaurant, my friends will tell me… you’re a panda.”

Prior to arriving in Impact, he worked extensively with two of the east coast’s best trainers, Pat Buck of Wrestle Pro and Danny Cage of The World Famous Monster Factory in New Jersey. Bahh would team with Mario Bokara to form The Money and the Miles, capturing the Monster Factory Pro Wrestling tag team titles along the way.

Fallah says he’s benefited greatly from the veterans who guided him in his journey to Impact Wrestling.

“I started out doing a whole ‘savage, big man’ look,” he recalled. “And then, Pat Buck (of Wrestle Pro) gave me the new twist on the gimmick. I credit him with just giving me that change. That gave me more of my identity and opened a lot more doors for me, actually.”

“The Monster Factory then gave me an opportunity to put my little identity into the whole gimmick, as well,” he said, adding that he’s thankful for the platform he’s been given. “Those places like Monster Factory and Wrestle Pro gave me time to develop my twists and angles towards the gimmick.”


In recent weeks on Impact, he’s been in an onscreen, odd-couple pairing with KM, who disavowed his ‘fat shaming’ ways and promised to now have Fallah’s enormous back. This has led to some hilarious scenarios between the big man and the former bully.

In this week’s episode, the two appeared in a vignette, where Bahh was doing exercises in order to lose weight, while KM ate junk food and watched.

Fallah says he’s enjoyed working with ‘KM’ Kevin Matthews; Both men are veteran, east coast performers who have finally gotten a chance to shine under the company’s new regime.

“I’ve known Kevin for years, so it’s honestly really cool to work with him now. I’m looking forward to seeing what goes on with us in the future. I think it’s got a lot of possibilities.”

“We’re both in it for the long run… This is in our soul, so we’re in it forever.”

As he continues to establish a solid fan base in Impact, Fallah says he will keep going out to the ring with one purpose: to make the people just as happy as he is.

Fallah Bahh_preview“It’s harder to be happy; It’s easier to just get mad at stuff,” he laughed. “The fact that people seem to be happy with what I’m doing, just makes it that much easier to go out and do it.”

“It’s just a feeling. I just want them to remember that feeling when I was in the ring, and they saw me roll over another human being. I hope they smile, and remember the time they laughed at a 32-year-old man rolling over another grown man.”

And, even though he’s recently gained a huge amount of momentum, the big man says nothing has changed in terms of his appetite for wrestling. He still has the same hunger that he had as a rookie.

“Right before I pass through that curtain, I’m literally a ball of nerves,” he said. “But once I go out there, it’s the exact opposite. I find that I’m doing something that I love, and something I’ve wanted to do my whole life.”

“I just breathe it all in. I don’t want to sound cliche, but you only have one life to live, and you might as well have fun… and be able to tell a story about it.” 



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VIDEO: KM Whips Fallah Bahh Into Shape | IMPACT! Highlights May 10 2018





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