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24-year-old Jaxon Stone steps to the stage with a ton of charisma and the look of a superstar

A star is born.

Receiving rave reviews right now on the European grappling circuit is Jaxon Stone, a 24-year-old matinee idol in the making. Currently competing and training in Germany’s Westside Xtreme Wrestling, he’s a little bit of ‘Robert Redford mixed with ruggedness’ inside of the ring.

“I’m Jaxon Stone, the star of the show,” he proclaims. “And, I just want to thank one very, special person. And that’s me! Jaxon Stone.”

Between dodging adoring fans and the flashing bulbs of the paparazzi’s cameras, Stone has been spending his time wrestling for wXw, where he’s currently in the midst of a three-month tour. While he’s been abroad, he’s also made appearances in England and Ireland.

“Wrestling is so popular over here right now,” Stone says of his current time overseas. “I’m so glad to be here and be a part of it.”

Though he’s currently in Germany, wrestling’s newest ‘glamour guy’ comes from none other than sunny California.

Stone was born in 1992 in San Francisco, and is a former Division-1 baseball player, earning All-American honors at South Dakota State. He graduated from college with a Health Education and Nutrition degree and would pursue a career at the pro level, but switched to wrestling after he was released by the Atlanta Braves.

Stone started training in January of 2015, at MetroPlex Wrestling in Bedford, Texas. He would go on to become the fastest graduate in the history of the MPX program.

He made his professional debut in a Battle Royal for VIP Wrestling on September 4th, 2015. The next day, Stone wrestled his first singles match against Randy Wayne.]

It didn’t take long for the kid from Paradise City to realize he had the makings of a star, and he borrowed much of his persona from the fantastic showmen of the past.

“My three favorite people to watch growing up were The Rock, Rick Rude, and Rick Martel,” he recalls. “The name Stone actually came from The Rock.”

“The first year of my career, I didn’t have lights, camera, Jaxon“, he says. “When I figured it out, it fit right away. It felt like that was me.”

Jaxon Stone gives John Allen an extremely “bad review”, punishing him with a series of straight right hands.

“It’s perfect, because for me, I like the performance part of it. Being in front of a camera and talking is easy for me. Being the center of attention was something I was always interested in.”

Stone’s rise to super stardom has been documented on his YouTube channel, where you can not only see his highlights, but also videos of his constant harassment by the paparazzi. Indeed, it seems the cameras just can’t get enough of Jaxon Stone.

In just two years, Stone may have shared the ring with Buff Bagwell, Andy Dalton, Rob Conway, and former NWA Champion Jax Dane, but he’ll never be done grabbing his share of the spotlight.

“Jaxon Stone is extremely happy with the way his career is going, traveling around the world,” He says in the third person. “But, don’t mistake it for being complacent…. Jaxon Stone wants to be the greatest pro wrestling, sports-entertainer of all time.”]






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