LUCHA UNDERGROUND – Season 4 | Episode 12 : It’s the Wedding of the Year!


Here We Are (E12 S4): The Savage Jake Strong vs. Drago, XO Lishus vs. Jack Evans in a No Mas Match, a Wedding & more! 

Johnny Mundo and Taya get married and their nuptials are filled with lots of surprises. XO Lishus takes on Jack Evans in a “No Mas” Match. Drago battles “The Savage” Jake Strong.

Here We Are takes you through Lucha Underground’s fourth season, during which in the aftermath of Dario Cueto’s shooting, the Lucha Underground Temple moves to a new location. With the help of the mysterious “Order”, the bloodthirsty Aztec Gods plan to wage war in Lucha Underground, destroy the world, and sacrifice any luchador that gets in their way. Can the seven ancient Aztec Tribes unite to stop them before it’s too late? Only time will tell.

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