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The North – Ethan Page & Josh Alexander – pose with the Impact World Tag Team Titles

Things couldn’t be going much better these days for ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page.

As one half of the Impact Tag Team champions, he and partner Josh Alexander have comprised one of the best duos in all of wrestling for several months. And in the process, Page has acted as the main spokesman for the group, often letting fans and opponents know just how good they really are.

In fact, since capturing the belts back in July at Bash at the Brewery, some might argue that they’ve dominated the division.

“News flash… this ain’t news to us,” Page said in a post-match promo at the time of their title victory. “We proved it tonight… Why we are the BEST!”

The bold and brash youngster began his career in (you guessed it) his Home and Native Land – competing for companies like Alpha-1 Wrestling, after being tutored by fellow Canadian star Michael Elgin.

He would team with Alexander -back then – as the Monster Mafia, and then move on to Evolve, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and even a brief stint in Ring of Honor.

Page initially entered Impact as a singles competitor in 2017, and in the beginning, achieved mostly mild success. However, his breakout moment came at last year’s Homecoming event in Nashville, where he had a tremendous showing in the Ultimate X match.

Ethan Page challenging Kobe Durst
Ethan Page played by Julian (@OfficialEGO) · Twitter

Despite a losing effort, when the match was over? ‘All Ego’ was all anyone was talking about. He says that he felt like that night was a big one for him.

“That match is one of my career highlights,” he said in a recent interview with TheGorillaPosition.com as he was preparing to go on the road. “I appreciate all the compliments I got from it.”

Lately, he’s been documenting his success on his very successful YouTube channel, conducting a V-Log of all his journeys, talking with friends in the wrestling industry, or just discussing general topics. Part of that openness with the audience is that he uses his real name (Julian) on social media, breaking down the walls between fact and fiction.

So despite the fact that he plays a character on TV, he says he feels like being more open and honest with his fans when speaking to them directly.

“They call it a ‘feed’ for a reason,” Page said. “Whether it’s your YouTube feed, your Instagram feed, or whatever… you’re just trying to constantly ‘feed’ this person’s hunger for entertainment.”

“I look it like, this is a customer, and if I don’t give them a good service, then they’re going to go somewhere else. So, I try to keep my stuff as entertaining as possible. As light-hearted and un-controversial as possible. I’m not trying to divide my audience by giving too much of my personal opinion.”

“To me, it’s all work. Every aspect of this business is a different department in the business of Ethan Page.”

Now a family man, he says many of his original goals have changed.

“I used to focus on one specific thing. Something like going to a huge pay-per-view or something like that,” he commented. “But, now having a different perspective… I think it’s just to better our life situation every year.”

As far as his place in Impact right now, the man they call ‘All Ego’ certainly believes in his abilities – both in and out of the ring – promising to do whatever he can to entertain the fans

“I say this with all confidence: There’s not one role in this company that I could not succeed in. Backstage, on camera… to interview people? Sure. You want me to manage somebody? Sure. You want me in a tag team? Sure You want me to edit TV? Sure. 

“I try my best to be good at all things in wrestling. So, whatever they want me to do? I’ll be the best at that I can.”

The North will put their belts on the line TONIGHT at Davis Arena in Louisville, KY, when they face The Rascalz as part of Impact Sacrifice. The event can be seen on both FITE.TV and Impact Plus

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VIDEO: The North capture the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Titles



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