Mega Ran Responds to Attack from Bully Ray

At Friday night’s Ring of Honor 17th Anniversary show, Bully Ray – being his usual, charming self – interrupted a musical performance from host Mega Ran. Bully verbally attacked Mega Ran and his Mat Mania podcast partner Teek before shoving them down and issuing an open challenge for Ring of Honor’s G1 Supercard on April 6.


The Mega Ran Facebook Page posted a response to Bully Ray’s actions:

Wow. Imagine getting the opportunity of a lifetime to write and perform a song commemorating a sport that you’ve enjoyed for over 30 years. Then imagine in the midst of that opportunity, the whole thing going up in smoke because of a BULLY interrupting what you were asked to do.

Its sad because I actually WAS a huge fan of you. Never meet your heroes I guess. It’s cool, you can’t break me, because there’s no insult I haven’t heard before. But the amount of sheer disrespect shown was unacceptable. Even the nicest guy has it’s limits. For me to take weeks to write, produce and arrange a song, then fly across the country to share it, directly after SXSW was a labor of love. I did it because I love pro wrestling, nothing else. What Bully Ray did was just evil bitterness. It certainly was not called for. Up until this moment I was living a dream. Wow. Thank you Ring Of Honor for the opportunity but your employee has made a grave mistake. He doesn’t know who he messed with. I’ll see you again chief. #ROH17

The story between Mega Ran and Bully Ray may not be over quite yet.

All photos courtesy of Jeff Moses

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