MLW Fusion Episode 09 – 06.15.2018

By Michael Melchor, Executive Editor


MLW Fusion Episode 09
June 15, 2018 – Gilt Nightclub – Orlando, FL


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Okay, so the go90 app that I watch this on had last week’s episode listed as “The Bounty.” And this week’s. And next week’s. To make this easier on myself, we’re dropping the episode names. Cool? Great, thanks.

A bit of a programming note – I will not be doing these next week (June 22) or the week after (June 29). I will be on vacation – interestingly enough, down in Florida. The heart of MLW territory. When they’re not even thinking about running. I know, I could have timed that better. In the interim, I recommend checking the very bottom graphic at this report or the links near it and watching along. Don’t worry, we’ll pick up here again July 6.

Now then, you know the rest: If you’re here for play-by-play, star ratings, or discussions about booking or finishes, you’re in the wrong house. Our tagline here at The Gorilla Position is, “Telling the stories of pro wrestling’s storytellers.” That is how the matches will be recapped – not move-for-move, but the story being told in the ring. Also, this is a live event, not Game of Thrones. There are spoilers here insofar as results.

With that out of the way, as Tony Schiavone would say, “Let’s go to the ring!”

Show opens with Col. Parker and The Stud Stable – Parrow, Michael Patrick and Leo Brown – going over strategy with Parker playing the role of John Madden.

Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini welcome us to tonight’s episode:


Strickland Attack

Video shows Shane Strickland being interviewed when he’s attacked by Brody King! Strickland ios down! – But not out..

MVP is interviewed in the back. He’s kinda preoccupied with Sami Callihan, but he promises MJF he’ll finally know what it’s like to want. For the pain and humiliation to end.


MJF vs MVPMJF may be an arrogant jackass, but he knows how to use it to his advantage. He stalls out to start trying to frustrate MVP and cause the veteran to abandon any gameplan and fall into a trap. MVP is too grizzled and smart to fall for it until MJF used the referee as a shield. MJF takes advantage of the confusion – a classic MJF move that MVP may not have had scouted. Well, he did say he was preoccupied earlier.

Back from break and MJF is in control and overconfident. Once he mocks the “Ballin'” elbow, MVP gets the knees up and takes control back. MVP resorts to simply beating the piss out of MJF – for no other reason than he’s just in a foul mood and he wants to hurt somebody. MVP shows MJF how the “Ballin'” elbow is done and hits the Playmaker. This one’s over but for the wrong reasons.


Finish comes when Sami Callihan distracts the referee and and Leon Scott attacks MVP. MVP fends off Scott, but gets caught with a low blow on the way back in. MJF pins MVP with his feet on the ropes.

More participants are announced for the MLW Battle Riot on July 19:

Jake Hager

Barrington Hughes

Jimmy Yuta

Pentagon Jr.

Barrington Hughes comments on the earlier attack on Shane Strickland and calls Salina De La Renta a “terrible human being.” The LANGUAGE, Barrington!

Jason Cade calls himself the “captain” of the team and Yuta doesn’t look happy in an interview.


Simon Gotch Prize Fight

Team Filthy accompanies Gotch to the ring as Gotch lays out the rules of the Simon Gotch Prize Fight (by the way, a friendly reminder to subscribe to our YouTube channel!) and the prize is upped to a whopping $300!

The challenge is answered by PARROW of the Stud Stable!

Parrow, being somewhere around three of Gotch, proceeds to toss him around like a rag doll both in and out of the ring. Gotch, however, chops the big man down but relies on a little help from his friends.

Finish comes when the referee is distracted (a common theme so far) and “Filthy” Tom Lawlor nails Parrow in the head, knocking him nearly out. Gotch finishes the job with a Rear Naked Choke.

MLW CEO Court Bauer announces by phone that MLW World Champion Shane Strickland has asked to face Brody King in the ring next week on MLW Fusion – and that Bauer has granted the champion’s request. Of all the times to be on vacation.

JASON CADE & JIMMY YUTA vs. FENIX AND PENTAGON JR. (with Salina De La Renta) vs. THE DIRTY BLONDES (Michael Patrick and Leo Brien, with Col. Robert Parker) – MLW TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TRIPLE THREAT MATCH


Man, those championship belts are purty!

Triple Threat Tag TitleThis is under Elimination rules. Two teams of aerial artists face an old-school team of brawlers. The strategy here should be interesting to see unfold.

The Blondes look to take advantage of that by quickly running through Pentagon and Fenix. The Lucha Brothers survive the attack while Cade and Yuta take advantage of the energy unsuccessfully expended by Brien and Patrick by hurling their bodies at them from all sides, which the Blonds aren’t ready for. First elimination comes when Cade and Yuta splash Brien from the top rope for the 3-count pinfall.

Cade and Yuta survive an early attack from Fenix and Pentagon and used their agility to hang with the Lucha Brothers. On the same page, Cade and Yuta are every bit a match for the opposing brother team. Cade’s overconfidence gets the better of him as he looks to exchange strikes with Pentagon – who hits much harder. Cade is in trouble but Yuta sticks to his strengths to recover the advantage. Cade’s overconfidence is the prevailing narrative but he’s able to hold his own against both brothers so that may be a confidence earned.

Yuta is more measured about his game plan and the results bode just as well. Cade and Yuta wear down Pentagon and Fenix as a unit – until Cade accidentally hits Yuta looking to throw a shot at Fenix. Pentagon and Fenix move more like brothers than team (because, well) in trying tp put Cade and Yuta down but their opponents are tougher than they may be prepared. The defenses of Cade and Yuta, however, do not last long.

Finish comes when Pentagon spikes Jimmy Yuta with a cradle piledriver with an assisted double stomp from Fenix for the 3-count pinfall and the MLW World Tag Team Championships. The champions and their manager celebrate by pouring alcohol down fans’ throats as we wrap for this week.

Much like the first World Title defense for Strickland, tonight’s show was essentially built around one match but that match delivered big-time. All the other stuff was played better and flowed more natural than the World Title defense episode as well. These guys are getting pretty good at this whole TV thing.

Enjoy next week and the week after and I’ll see you July 6!

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