MLW Fusion – 07.06.2018: Episode 12 Analysis

By Michael Melchor, Executive Editor


MLW Fusion Episode 12
July 6, 2018 – Gilt Nightclub – Orlando, FL


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Hi, did yeh miss me? Whether you did, didn’t or this is your first time here, thanks for stopping by and checking out The Gorilla Position’s coverage of MLW Fusion on beinSports!

If you’re wondering why we skipped two episodes, it’s because I was on vacation back in my home state of Florida. o, I didn’t see anyone on the show there but we did talk to someone heavily involved with it when I came back home…

In very related news, the first episode of “Going Home” (with Ryan & Mike) – the first podcast featuring the tag team of the co-editors of this very site and proud part of the ROAR Network – is live as of today! Our very first guest is former WWE writer, longtime MLW Radio personality and current MLW Supervising Producer Alex Greenfield! There’s some great discussion on his days in WWE as well as what he enjoys about working with MLW and the potential the company has. Some great tidbits are contained therein, so please give it a listen? Thankee in advance!

I did manage to catch up on the Fusion episodes I missed while in Florida. Team Filthy made friends with Col. Parker and Fred Yehi, Teddy Hart is here (uggh), Barrington Hughes (yay!) got jumped (boo!) and pissed off (yay!), Kotto Brazil continued to impress and got kidnapped, Brody King didn’t collect the bounty (but Low Ki might), some kid that makes looks Kris Levin look middle-aged got wrecked by Su Yung and Zeda Zhang, Sammy Guevara lost (that becomes important later), and ACH defeated Rich Swann before the two come together (yes, that really happened) to take on Team Filthy later tonight. And I believe that about covers all of it.

Last but certainly not least, this is Rumor Control, here are the facts: If you’re here for play-by-play, star ratings, or discussions about booking or finishes, you’re in the wrong house. Our tagline here at The Gorilla Position is, “Telling the stories of pro wrestling’s storytellers.” That is how the matches will be recapped – not move-for-move, but the story being told in the ring. Also, this is a live event, not Game of Thrones. There are spoilers here insofar as results.

With (all) that (finally) out of the way, as Tony Schiavone would say, “Let’s go to the ring!”

Show opens with a video recap / promo from Sami Callihan leading into the Boiler Room Brawl later this evening. Oh it’s on now, son.

Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini welcome us to tonight’s episode:

07.06.18 Lineup


Team Filthy vs. Swann_ACHThe contrast in styles here should be interesting – two MMA / pure wrestlers against two air fighters. Like F-14 Tomcats shooting missiles at ground bunkers. Rich Bocchini brings up a good point however about whether Swann and ACH will be too busy trying to outdo one another. We shall see.

Swann starts off against Gotch not trying to out-do ACH but opting to outwrestle Gotch. Not the greatest of ideas as Gotch takes control with Swann barely keeping up with the mat specialist. Swann drops Gotch andd brings in ACH who then employs the same egotistical strategy against Lawlor. Bocchini may be on to something here. Lawlor changes lanes and chops away at ACH and ACH’s agility saves him from harm in the corner. ACH then realizes he also has a size advantage on Lawlor and employs that to keep Lawlor at bay until Gotch is brought in. ACH is then taken out and it looks as though Team Filthy has a distinct advantage – until the Stud Stable arrives. The Dirty Blonds and Jake Hager take advantage of a distracted referee to damn near murder Lawlor and Gotch outside the ring. And ACH and Swann aren’t above seizing opportunity.

Finish comes when Swann and ACH splash a prone Gotch inside the ring for the 3-count pinfall.

Kaci Lennox catches up with Salina De La Renta in the back. SHe shakes off the potential illegalities of putting a bounty on MLW World Champion Shane Strickland.

Back from break, COl. Parker promises Team Filthy the ass-whuppin’ they just took was only the beginning for defiling Parker’s personal stuff.”

Tony Schiavone is here with the Battle Riot Control Center! PCO vs. Homicide. Holy crap.

Video airs of Salina De La Renta firing Sammy Guevara while sitting in a pool on the phone. Wonder if Eric Bischoff is jealous he didn’t think of that…


Low KiRisky Martinez looks an awful lot like Maxx Stardom from Ignite Wrestling. And the poor guy is getting his ass handed to him by Ki. Low Ki is running over Martinez like a buzzsaw, which Low Ki is wont to do.

Finish comes when Ki nails Martinez with the spring-loaded kick to the back of the head for the 3-count pinfall.

Low Ki tells the backstage interviewer that De La Renta is paying a professional to do the job right and will be well rewarded for her investment.

Back from Break, Barrington Hughes promises to go “natural disaster” on Sami Callihan’s goons for their attack on him 2 weeks ago in honor of hurricane season.

A video recap of The Story Thus Far between De La Renta / Strickland / Low Ki takes us to commercial


Boiler_Room_BrawlStrategy? Tactics? They’re very simple here on the part of MVP: attempted murder. Callihan is employing almost the same ideaology, only with hi goons lending a helping hand. Leon Scott is taken out but Fulton holds MVP as Callihan does the damage. MVP is also able to dispatch him, however – leaving it a mano e mano battle.

The fight spills out to the ringside area as MVP is choking the spit (literally) out of Callihan with a broomstick. This is just a plain fight. Callihan retaliates by tossing MVP at a couple fans, hoping MVP cares more about them then himself. Callihan gets MVP and a couple chairs in the ring in hopes of doing lasting damage but MVP is tougher than Callihan gives credit for. MVP is as resilient as they come as he survives the Cranial Contusion finisher and spits in Callihan’s face. Callihan’s goons are back out to give their boss the advantage and help him stand tall with his weapon of choice.

Finish comes when Callihan hits MVP in the face with the baseball bat for the 3-count pinfall. The war of attrition ends with Callihan and his Death Machines continuing their reign of terror.

This was – funny enough – a good show to get caught up with. Very story heavy with recaps galore for those who missed what came before. Some decent action with the Boiler Room Brawl capping off an overall pretty good show.

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