MLW: MJF & Richard Holliday to Challenge The Hart Foundation on March 2

MLW today announced the World Tag Team Champions The Hart Foundation vs. MJF & Richard Holliday for MLW: Intimidation Games at Cicero Stadium. The event will air live on beIN SPORTS on Saturday night March 2nd.

Tickets start at $10 at

Following the much-anticipated title bout to determine the true undisputed World Middleweight Champion, FUSION correspondent Kaci Lennox was standing by for an interview with the reigning champ Teddy Hart when things went awry.

Why the attack? For months MJF has run his mouth about Hart and his checkered past.  MJF has repeatedly run down Hart and while the brash 22-year old has a lot of confidence and has accomplished much, did anyone imagine MJF was this dirty of a strategic player.

Holliday, another young up and coming affluent athlete from Connecticut has long been connected to MJF in social circles.  Smug, arrogant and like two entitled frat boys, Smug, arrogant and like two entitled frat boys, you won’t find a more unlikeable duo.

Another question many are asking: was the attack strategic?

It would appear so.  With Brian Pillman Jr. and Davey Boy Smith Jr. both in Calgary participating in a 90-year celebration of pro wrestling in the community, Teddy Hart was on his own walking into the title fight.

With an opportunity to strike with force, many believe MJF and Holliday targeted Hart upon hearing Pillman and Smith were in Canada and not present for the title match.

The Hart Foundation, never at a loss for words, have called out the self proclaimed “dynasty” and have offered to fight them in the ring, in the streets, in the locker room – anywhere, anytime.

Holliday and MJF, currently in Palm Beach for a golf tournament, told yesterday morning they believe they are the true dynasty and not the “thug” Hart Foundation.  Both citing they are younger, more marketable and “frankly better than all 3 of the Hart Foundation,” MJF and Holliday don’t seem overly concerned by the Hart Foundation’s tough talk.  In fact, they seem amused.

Move over wolfs of Wall Street, MJF and Holliday are unapologetically arrogant and seemingly unstoppable in their pursuit of success.

Which team is a true dynasty?  Which one will leave with championship gold in Chicago? Find out live in Chicago March 2nd at Cicero Stadium as MLW presents a live network special INTIMIDATION GAMES for beIN SPORTS.



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